Boxwood Shrubs Growing Tips

If you are looking for something that can make your house look more attractive, you should consider planting boxwood shrubs in your front yard or backyard. A boxwood shrub is often used by homeowners and landscapists as a decorative plant. It can be cut into different shapes like round or rectangular. You can also shape it into an animal and other fun figures that will make your garden look whimsical. I have seen one garden that has these boxwood hedges in different animal shapes and the garden reminds me of a garden that I have read only in books.

Aside from making your garden look great, these shrubs also serve as a fence between you and your neighbors. It provides a distinct line between you and your neighbor’s property and provides privacy without affecting the natural look of the landscape. It would surely look very artificial if you build a concrete wall or a steel fence around the perimeter of your property.

If you are planning to plant boxwood in your yard, you should check out the following tips.

Decide Where You Want To Plant Your Boxwood Shrubs

You can plant these shrubs in different places. You can plant it in between your property and your neighbor’s, along the pathway, under your window, along the doorstep, and many other places. It can serve as a border and at the same time can also be decorative. Most landscapists also use boxwood for their landscape because this plant can be easily cut into different shapes. If you want to carry your boxwood and transfer it to different locations, you should consider planting it in a pot for easy mobility. Whatever you decide to do, you have to make sure that your boxwood will receive enough sunlight.

Plant Boxwood Shrubs Alongside Other Plants

If you are going to plant boxwood along with other plants, be sure to consider the size of the other plants. More often than not, boxwood plants are used as the central point in a garden landscape. I have seen a round boxwood shrub surrounded by other smaller plants in different colors. It looks really nice because the smooth and even texture of the boxwood is emphasized.  However, be sure that the boxwood plant is at least 3 feet away from these other plants because they sometimes invade the root system of other plants.

Test The Soil Before Planting

Do not plant your boxwood in clay soil because boxwood requires good drainage and clay does not drain properly. Sandy soil is also not advisable because it drains too fast. Just choose a soil type that is ideal for most plants. You should also test the pH level of the soil. It should be about 6 to 7 on the scale because boxwood will grow well in slightly acidic soil.


Boxwood_WintergreenBased on the above tips, planting boxwood is not so difficult. As long as you follow the tips that I have mentioned above and the steps for planting boxwood, your boxwood shrubs will surely grow properly.